Friday, May 26, 2006

My birthday wish wishes come true? If they do, then, I'll make a wish for myself on my coming birthday, which is a few days from now. I know, I know, I'm old enough for this wish thingie. But who knows, heaven might be good to me, eh.

I am a simple person with simple wants. So, on my birthday, I wish to have this simple thing that I could wear on my left wrist. A thing which I could hardly live without at this time. Have you made a guess?

Yep, I WANT TO HAVE A WRIST WATCH! Not just a commoner, but a Baby-G from Casio! Proudly MADE IN JAPAN. Whew! Yep,I know this is a bit pricey, but this is what I long to have for my birthday. Will someone be kind enough to make my wish come true? Calling my dear hubby .... hahaha!

Hubby already got me one before when he first came to Japan; four years ago, I think. But soon as I gave birth to my son, it got lost in some mysterious ways. I tried to look for it but my efforts were futile until I finally gave up and consoled myself that probably, "it is in good hands." (huh?)

Now that I am back in the teaching limelight, keeping track of time is very vital. Without a watch, it gives me a hard time trying to look for a clock just so I would know if I could still catch the train or the bus. And, I don't like to ALWAYS bother someone in asking, "Sumimasen. Ima, nan ji desu ka?" (What time is it now?)

Oh, can't wait for my birthday! But if no one will buy that watch for me, then I'll buy it myself. That's how I'm dead set to have it. Nyayayayay! ;)

Thursday, May 25, 2006

Still silent?

Almost two weeks had passed since I last posted something here. Hmmm, you might be wondering what I am up to lately that I somehow tend to forget blogging.

Honestly, my days are as usual as before, except for some hours of paid work (now that's something to blog about, but I'll tell you more about that in another entry). So, what's keeping me then? If can blog before, why can't I now? I am actually in search for a definite answer to this.

Is it because I have nothing to blog about? No. In fact, there are so many things I wanna share -- things that provide an update about us to those who wanna know how we are doing in this part of the world, and things that seem negligible and unimportant but somehow bring the much-needed laughter in our busy life or something to that effect.

Is it because of some technical problems or internet connection? Not either. I am still connected 24/7, and I still devote a huge amount of time in front of the computer, while taking care of my hyperactive little boy and at the same time trying to finish my rarely-done chores.

As I compose this, I am also trying to compose my answer. And this is my interim answer: I guess I have become a passive blogger, and a plain reader of other bloggers. Yeah, I guess that's what I am busy at -- updating myself about my blogger-friends. And I am kinda frustrated if they don't post new ones. Do they feel the same way too when they try to visit my blog and find nothing new at all? (I wonder...) Then, I randomly hop to some unknown blogsites, which I found some of them interesting and worth coming back. You see, bloghopping is not totally a waste of time because it gives me some ideas on how to improve mine content- and appearance-wise.

Yawn here and there ... I'll try to post a more interesting one next time. So, please hold on there and probably in your next visit here, you'll have a good laugh (at me!).

Monday, May 15, 2006

Silent on Mom's day?

Yep, I didn't post anything here about the mom's big day on earth. I am a mother myself so I could have easily composed a post about this. But you see, words fail me this time. Few days before Mother's Day, I was already thinking of something to write about this occasion. Thoughts propped up like how is it like to be mom, profile of some sort of well known moms, or even talk about my own experience as a first time mom. I also thought of writing another letter to my mom, thinking that my first letter reached her. BUT, noticeably, I wasn't able to make up my mind...or, didn't really have that precious time to write.

"Better late than never," so goes the famous adage, so I want to make up for it.

There is one story that I have heard long ago about a mother's love and sacrifice for her son that she'd do anything just so for her infant son to live. Taken from 1 Kings 3:16-28 of the Holy Bible, the story started with two women who came before King Solomon both adamantly claiming as the mother of an infant. Each gave birth to a son but the other's baby died afterwards, and thought of a clever plan to switch her dead baby to the living one. But instinct tells the real mother that the living baby is hers.

King Solomon, wisely knowing maternal instincts, ordered that the living child be cut into two so that both could have the baby. The real mother pleaded not to kill the baby and conceded to give the baby to the other woman. But the pretending woman was firm in saying, "Neither of us will have the baby, so him cut into two." Right away, the king ordered to give the living baby to the first woman for "she is the rightful mother."

Great story, isn't it? A mother will not hesitate nor think twice to do anything for her child/children. A mother's love can not be equalled. A person may be outcasted by the society because of his wrongdoings, but his mom will still be there to love and protect him.

That is a mom.

Friday, May 12, 2006

Just a simple day for us

How do you celebrate a special day in your life? Party all night? Lots of guests to share your happiness with? Lots of gifts, too? Or, treat yourself to a grandeous world tour?

For us, on our wedding anniversary, we celebrated it frugally and in simple tunes. Well, no doubt that there really is so much to be joyful about as we face our 8th year of togetherness and oneness. But not celebrating it grandeously doesn't mean we're setting it aside. We are just simple people with simple wants in life and thus have also simple ways to be happy.

So, what happened on our special day? Nothing unusual. We just fed our rumbling tummy with some Jap dishes -- where else but in our fave hangout, Ario. Hubby, once again, had Omurice, but tried the curry demiglace this time, which according to him, was really good. I had a medium size of a looks-like-chicken-barbecue-but-doesn't-taste-like-chicken-barbecue dish. I won't recommend it anyway, so I didn't bother finding out the resto's name. Guess what Luke had? French fries from McDonalds. ;) After eating, we stroll around the three floors of the shopping mall just to while away our time. Afterwards, just before dark, we headed home after stopping by in the market to buy some fruits.

Simple, isn't it? No grand celebration, no candlelit dinner, no flowers nor expensive gifts, no whatsoever to call it a celebration. But I don't complain, coz I don't fancy any of these anyway. The day went by so simple, natural and ordinary. But, deep in my heart, I was so happy and contented because I spent that day with the two persons I love so dearly. And that's what matters to me most. ;)

Monday, May 08, 2006

Reasons to celebrate

I have two big reasons to celebrate this cheerful month of May. First, we're turning eight years, and I'm thankful to God for having gone this far. I could not think of anything in the past seven years that I would not be thankful for. Blessings and providence come at the right time, and in the right quantity. Of all the countless blessings that we received in our marriage, the biggest and greatest one is having our firstborn, who is the joy of our life and the ultimate reason for all our hardwork.

Our marriage is not all about happy days, though. There have been many rainy days too. Ours is not spared from the tough challenges that come along the way. But I am proud to say that when the going gets tough, our love for each other gets us going -- and winning in the end. Of course, we could not have made it through those years had it not been for the continuous guidance and leading of the One who "made us one".

Secondly, I am getting a year older this month. Asking about my age is totally banned here. ;) Now, what's in store for me this year? I am not sure. One thing I am certain, though, is that I will keep of having grey hairs, and probably will start to have those unwanted lines on the forehead. Oh, no! Shall I consider doing/having those cosmetic-tsu-tsu to make me look younger? No. Definitely not. No matter how will I look in the coming days, months and years, I would be glad to accept it coz that's a piece of evidence that I am still alive! ;)

Hmm, I wonder what's hubby gonna get me on these two important days of my life? ;)

Friday, May 05, 2006

Odaiba galore

Getting to Odaiba is easy by taking the Yurikamome monorail from
Shimbashi station of the JR Yamanote Line. While on board, you'll be welcomed
by the scenic beauty of this once-reclaimed area.

Picture taking just after getting off from the monorail
at the Odaiba-kaihin-koen (Odaiba Seaside Park) station.

Picnic by the beach and under the tree overlooking
the Rainbow Bridge and all other nice spots.

Hmmm, a piece of evidence of how happy we are to see this great
place with the famous Rainbow Bridge in our background.

Ever wonder what could this piece of material possibly be?
Well, Toyota says this is the CAR OF THE FUTURE.
Would you like to ride in, or probably own one?

Explore Tokyo by the sea through Tokyo Cruise Suijobus. From
here, we took the 20-minute searide to Hinode Pier.

Get charmed with the beautiful sunset...
what a nice solace to end the equally beautiful day.

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