Wednesday, October 26, 2005

Finally! Beauty is here!

So, this is it! Finally, I was able to set up my own blagsayt -- congrats to me and tenks to blogger :)

I've been wanting to have an outlet where I could unleash whatever's on my mind -- and hope this one will work. I know that many pips have been into this thingy. So what?! (taray ba) -- kaya nga sali na rin ako e!

For my first entry, (I think) I ought to do some explaining about my blagneym -- GANDA, as many of you might be wondering what it means to me and why I chose it for a name. Some may even raise a brow in asking,"who is this creature calling herself ganda?" For my non-Pinoy friends, readers and visitors here, ganda is a Tagalog term for beauty. In an odd coincidence, ganda rightly stands for my initials -- Gina Aquino "Ning" De Asis. Ning actually is my nickname, which, in our dialect, means "cute little girl."

More than the initials, the word also aptly describes how I see, feel, do or even think about the things around me. I am surrounded by and with beautiful things. I have a beautiful married life (my hubby says he's loving and kind daw ..well, I agree) and blessed with an eight-month-old beautiful son. (They say) I have a beautiful house in Pinas. We don't have much material riches, but we are not suffering much either. Friends are also countless, and I could say that many of them are within reach in times of need, lend an ear or share blessings. When I look at myself in the mirror, what do you think I'd see? ... nah :) duh :P yah :)) And to add to this, even my email addies, online accounts, passwords (nyay!), usernames, and other E-thingy have ganda in it. :)

Seriously though, God has created many beautiful things for us -- though sometimes many of us think otherwise simply because of our own doing din. If something happens or if you're caught in a tight situation, why not think of the good or beautiful side of it, instead of lingering around your anger, self-pity, boredom, guilt and ending up blaming others or yourself, etc. Sounds very idealistic, but with God around, everything is possible.

So, lower down that eye brow now, and let's be friends! Hope you'll find this blog worth reading/visiting.

Ja mata ne.


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