Sunday, August 27, 2006

Strange ...

I don't know if some things happen by coincidence, or is there some kinda unforeseen but felt energy that lingers in the air, which makes near-impossible things completely possible.

Did it ever happen to you? Did you happen to be thinking of something, and then suddenly, that something happened right before your very eyes -- at the very moment you were thinking about it?. Well, it happened to me. And it was scary, because I was thinking of something not good.

I was going out of the train station one day. I wasn't rushing, and most people were on their normal pace too. Nobody's running. So, while I was enjoying my time (this happens very rarely), I had the chance to observe the place that I frequent. I was looking at a banner ad in front of me while walking down the stairs. Then, suddenly I thought to myself, "What if I tripped off the stairs just because I wasn't paying particular attention to where I was walking at?" Then, at that very moment, a woman a few feet to my left, suddenly fell off the stairs and rolled down until she got to the first landing. Her son came rushing to her shouting, "Okasan, dijoubu desu ka?" (Mother, are you okay?) After a few seconds, I managed to get near her and asked the same question if she's all right. She said yes while gaining her composure back, and shaking some dirt off her pants. As they sailed away, I could hear her telling her son how scared she was while at that scariest trip down the stairs.

Little did the woman know that I was more than scared with what I had just witnessed. She had not the slightest idea about my dirty little secret. And it led me to think that it was my fault. It was I to blame, I guess. Had I not thought of that silly idea, she wouldn't have that fast trip down the stairs.

After that, I got scared of thinking anything out-of-this-world. My mind could go a long, long way, but I am just as frightened as the woman where my thinking would lead me. Either for better or worse.

Right now, I am not thinking of anything. ;)

Tuesday, August 15, 2006

A visit to Yokohama


We've always wanted to visit Yokohama, a city outside of, but almost equally glamorous and promising as Tokyo. Last Friday was our chance. ;) It's not that far from our place, although one has to be prepared to spend for train fare.

We got to Minato Mirai 21 at around 2pm, and right after getting off the train, and out of the station, we were welcomed by a fresh scenery and cool sights that made us more excited. From the veranda of the Queen's Square, the giant Ferris Wheel first caught our hungry eyes. We took a momentary halt at the bench while planning on how to go about our unplanned yet most awaited visit to Yokohama. At first, the ambience seems to look like a replica of Odaiba, with all the fantasy rides decorating the area, and the vast and uniquely-designed skyscrapers that seem intertwined and filling our eyes with awe. But there is more to discover, and be delighted of.

Unique to this place is the most notable FASTEST ELEVATOR IN THE WHOLE WORLD. Yeah, I got to ride in this egg-shaped hi-tech elevator journeying up the 69th floor for only 40 SECONDS. I could not say I enjoyed the ride, for it was almost like a wink of an eye. But what lured our eyes most is the beautiful sight that welcomed us when the elevator opened at the Sky Garden of the Landmark Tower. Viewing Yokohama and Tokyo (and other places) from the tallest building of Japan (296m) was a real experience. I must admit, though, that it was a bit wozzy to look down, but I still found the courage to look at those seemingly toy cars and buildings despite my fear of heights. From the Observatory, we had a spectacle 360 degree panoramic view of up to 80 km away. Sad to say, we weren't able to see Mt. Fuji because it was a bit cloudy when we got there. Nightviewing is an equally eye-enticing, but we already went down before sunset. Those who have a very good camera would surely enjoy pressing the shutter at every angle.

We spent the rest of the day walking here and there, with our heads almost twisted from trying to catch a glimpse of everything that this unique place offers to its visitors. We finally got to the Cosmo World, and enjoyed the sight of riders shouting on top of their lungs as the roller coaster makes it signature round-up. Riding the Ferris Wheel seems romantic for couples as it moves very slowly. Loud, noisy and exciting this place is. And we just listened to those sounds on one side, and the calm and peaceful dance of the waters by the bay on the other.

Enjoy the slideshow!