Friday, March 23, 2007

Graduate na po! ;)

Proud to tell everyone that my dear hubby has finished his PhD course at The University of Tokyo. And please don't ask me about his field of specialization, it's too technical for me. ;) All I can say it's in the field of biological and environmental information engineering. Whatever that is, go ask him ... ;)

Anyway, now that he has graduated and earned his degree, what's next? Well, for sure, we're going back to our dearly beloved homeland, and to the University. Other plans? Nadah!

For now, join me in congratulating Dr. AMDA. ;)

Omedetou gozaimasu!


Friday, March 16, 2007

Bear with me, folks!

Yeah, that's what I appeal to you, my friends.

GANDA is quite busy these days, and my hands (and feet) are beyond full capacity as I huggle and haggle with all the things I have to do. That includes a minimal work on the side, packing our stuffs, arranging and confirming our flight, talking to a lot of people for the things we will leave behind, replying/declining/accepting invitations here and there, and our unending desire to go visit some places around Tokyo and nearby cities before we finally say SAYONARA to this place we have to come to love.

In the meantime, go pay a visit to Filipina Soul, and entertain yourself with all things Filipina and Pinas. My GAIJIN BLOG was once featured there (thanks to Grace) and gives me a lot of inbound clicks. However, I haven't updated it too, and I take all the blame. Not updating doesn't mean I have nothing to write about. In fact, I have lots, but they are all still in my mind. Rest assured that I will soon find time to blog, and when I do, I promise to bombard you with lots of stories.

So, till then... ;)