Monday, May 08, 2006

Reasons to celebrate

I have two big reasons to celebrate this cheerful month of May. First, we're turning eight years, and I'm thankful to God for having gone this far. I could not think of anything in the past seven years that I would not be thankful for. Blessings and providence come at the right time, and in the right quantity. Of all the countless blessings that we received in our marriage, the biggest and greatest one is having our firstborn, who is the joy of our life and the ultimate reason for all our hardwork.

Our marriage is not all about happy days, though. There have been many rainy days too. Ours is not spared from the tough challenges that come along the way. But I am proud to say that when the going gets tough, our love for each other gets us going -- and winning in the end. Of course, we could not have made it through those years had it not been for the continuous guidance and leading of the One who "made us one".

Secondly, I am getting a year older this month. Asking about my age is totally banned here. ;) Now, what's in store for me this year? I am not sure. One thing I am certain, though, is that I will keep of having grey hairs, and probably will start to have those unwanted lines on the forehead. Oh, no! Shall I consider doing/having those cosmetic-tsu-tsu to make me look younger? No. Definitely not. No matter how will I look in the coming days, months and years, I would be glad to accept it coz that's a piece of evidence that I am still alive! ;)

Hmm, I wonder what's hubby gonna get me on these two important days of my life? ;)


  • At 5/09/2006 06:51:00 PM, Anonymous rayts said…

    wah, Happee birthday!
    Ilang taon ka na??!! (hehe)

    Sana nandyan kami para maki-celebrate. Galing naman. :-)

  • At 5/10/2006 10:45:00 AM, Blogger ning said…

    hi rayts, thanks sa bati mo. 30-something na ako ;) pwede pa naman kayo humabol na pumunta dito kase di pa naman tapos ang birthday ko. sa 4th week pa naman yun eh. yung anniversary namin ang tapos na ;) at kung sakaling makahabol kayo, dalhan mo ako ng choco mousse sa red ribbon ha. hehehe ;)


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