Saturday, January 28, 2006

My frustrations in life

Yep, I admit I have a fair share of frustrations in life. Wanna know what are these? Here's my list.

1. I am a frustrated ballroom dancer. I could only sway a few steps of swing, cha-cha or LA walk. I had a few chances of doing some ballroom dancing back in my LB days, but I'm not contended with that. I want to learn a few more steps to last me a whole round of dance song. I used to watch (on CATV) this ballroom dance competition, and I am just amazed at how those people make their woozy moves without getting dizzy.

2. I am a frustrated concert queen. I think only a few of my friends know that I can sing. And I sing well, modesty aside. But (there is a big BUT there), I also think that my talent has already gone with the wind. I still remember the usual joke we had with my friends before that if we don't use the talent given to us, it will be taken from us. I'm afraid this is 50% true.

I had a few singing stints (naks!) back in my college days, but that's just chicken for me. I want to perform on stage with a larger audience. Ya know, I am more inspired to sing when there's a group listening to (and appreciating) my performance. Everytime I see a good singer performing, I always feel a little pain in my heart because of this frustration. I would tell myself that someday, somehow, somewhere, I'd be given a chance to do the same.

3. I am a frustrated musician. I mean, playing some musical instruments. I learned how to tap the guitar but I could hardly play a song from a songbook. Ahh, it's still very vivid in my mind how I started playing the guitar. It takes me a minute or so before I could "orchestrate" my fingers for the next note. Funny coz my housemates singing with me felt hanging in the air until I got to the next one. These same housemates saw how I improved with my guitar lessons. Then, I graduated from college, and so my guitar lessons.

I also wanted to play the piano/keyboard. I have always envied those who can run their fingers through the keyboard, and make really good music. As of now, I could only play the "happy birthday" song. No chance for a lesson, and no keyboard to play on too. There are many good brands here in Japan, but for now, don't have enough beans to buy one for myself.

Keeping my fingers crossed, I do hope -- earnestly -- that one or two of these (if not all, which is too assuming) will soon be out of this list, hence, happy ending. ;)

Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Just a piece of joke

Oh, it's sad to belong to someone else
when the right one comes along ...

I was doing the laundry the other day when I heard this old song being played on our pc. In an instant, I remembered a friend of mine back in the Philippines who, once in her life, felt that this song was written for her.

Oh, it's sad to belong to someone else
when the right one comes along ...

Need not say the details here. Let's do away with those unwanted fishy intrigues, eh! One thing's for sure: my friend is very much happy now and enjoying every minute of her life with her beloved(s).

So, what's the joke here? Nothing if you take this seriously. But looking back, it was really some kinda joke for my friend to have thought that ...

Oh, it's sad to belong to someone else
when the right one comes along ...

Ahh, never mind this blog. Guess my insanity is up again ... nyayayay!!!

Tuesday, January 24, 2006

(Only) One Friend

Allow me this once to post this senti yet heart-warming song, which I know all of you out there can very well relate. I believe that in this world, there is someone destined for each of us whom we call a friend. So here it goes...

One Friend
© Dan Seal

I always thought you were the best
I guess I always will
I always felt that we were blessed
And I feel that way still

Sometimes we took the hard road
But we always saw it through
If I had only one friend left
I'd want it to be you

Sometimes the world was on our side
Sometimes it wasn't fair
Sometimes it gave a helping hand
Sometimes we didn't care

'Cause when we were together
It made the dream come true
If I had only one friend left
I'd want it to be you

Someone who understands me
And knows me inside out
Helps keep me together
And believes without a doubt

That I could move a mountain
With someone to tell it to
If I had only one friend left
I'd want it to be you

So, who's your friend? Go ahead, tell him/her he/she is dear to you. ;)

Monday, January 23, 2006

Ang ganda...

ng background :)

Ok, enough of the snowy feeling. Back in Pinas, I almost forgot to tell you about this place where hundreds (and thousands i guess) flock to "purify" themselves and get healed.

Taken in Lucban, Quezon, in the newest tourist spot tagged as the Kamay ni Hesus Healing Church and the Grotto of Healing. It has an awesome colorful landscape, and from the top (which, by the way, I didn't make it due to downpour), you'll see the more awesome and beautiful vast creation of the Almighty. I made it only half the near-300 steps, but the sight from there was already ahh, gloriously wonderful. The truth is, I was hesitant to go up further coz it was raining then, and if caught anywhere in the middle, you'd surely be wet when you reached the ground. And it did rain -- hard. Fortunately, I was already down when it rained. Anyway, I had fun even from halfway.

Saturday, January 21, 2006


Gosh, it's snow time! yipeey!!!

We woke up this morning amazed by the sight of snowfall in our window. Taking a peek at the veranda, oh my, everything is wrapped in white. The all-brown, no-leaf-at-all, seemingly dead tree near our apartment now turned into an incredibly plain white christmas tree (too late for that, though). From what used to be a bland sight outside of our sliding window, all we see is in white motif, from the roof to the road.

Finally, I get to experience what is like to be surrounded with tiny white balls falling from above. Everything is white ... and lovely. Everything seems calm and still. I just wonder -- and ponder -- at the amazing scenery.

I set foot on the snow-filled road. This is my Exhibit A for my first snow experience.

Thursday, January 12, 2006

Nice one!

Great smiles ... perfect match ... good color blend, comfy seating in the van on our way to the airport. Could not say more. This is one of only two nice pictures I've got with my son. And, if you haven't noticed it yet, this is my only post with a pic. :)

Saturday, January 07, 2006

thanks 2005, hi 2006

what's there to thank 2005 for?
so many reasons, for me
big or otherwise, yet all are great
for these are blessings from above

happy life, despite difficulties
trials were never a hindrance
but a challenge to overcome
with good heaven's constant guidance

healthy life, even as we grow older each year
illnesses shun away from us, i always pray
shelter us with Thy comforting hands
keeping us safe all year through

good providence, from the Great Provider
not so much, not lacking either
just enough for us to sustain our daily needs
and save a few silver coins for tomorrow

great new friends, Pinoys and Japs alike
helping us out despite their busy scheds
praying for us, and going out of their way
to make our Jap life a little easier

above all, a new career -- MOTHERHOOD
this is lifetime, and it's just awesome
to realise that this happens at a perfect time
long wait is over, praises to the Almighty!

for this year and beyond, i hope and pray
that blessings may pour all the more
that those who have some may share
to those who have not tasted any.

from this year on, i hope and pray
for all people in this world to unite
no more fighting, no more ill motives
let's make earth a wondrous place for us all!

Tuesday, January 03, 2006

Kaya mo ba 'to?

Andaming tao sa NAIA nung Jan. 1. Andaming paalis na ng Pinas. As usual, mahaba ang pila, tambak ang mga bagahe, puno ang parking area, at nagkalat ang mga bata.

Nakapila kami sa may departure area para magtsek in na. Sa unahan namin ay meron isang ina, kasama ang dalawang anak nya at sandamakmak na bagahe. Yung bunso nya, siguro 2 years old pa lang, ay tahimik lang na nakaupo sa ibabaw ng mga maletang nakalagay sa pushcart. Ang nakatawag-pansin sa akin ay ang walang patid ang iyak na batang lalaki, siguro 4 o 5 years old. Hindi sya mapatahan ng kanyang ina. Nagpupumiglas nung kargahin sya. Malapit ng mapuno ang ina, ibinaba sya sa isang tabi, at daglian naman syang tumakbo papalayo, at parang humahabol sa isang taong mahal nya, na ayaw nyang iwan sa Pinas. Sa tingin ko ay sa Japan din ang punta ng mag-ina kase nagsasalita sila ng Nihonggo. May tinatawg ang bata na Tata (kung tama ang pandinig ko ha), ito siguro yung taong ayaw nyang mapawalay sa kanya, kaya't nag-iiyak ng todo. Nangingilid na ang aking mga luha sa awa ko sa bata. Ako din ay nalulungkot sa pag-alis naming ito, ngunit kelangang tibayan ang loob dahil kinakailangang gawin namin ito. Pero mas lalo akong naawa sa bata nung habulin sya ng kanyang ina, at nung inabutan ay sabay sampal sa nakakaawang pisngi ng bata. Aray ko! Parang gusto ko ding sampalin ang ina nito.

Kaya nyo bang gawin yun sa inyong anak? Ako, hindi. Ganu man ang aking lungkot, pagod, hirap at inis na nararamdaman, hinding-hindi ko magagawa yun. Hinding-hindi ko gagawin yun.

Patuloy sa pag-iyak ang bata hanggang sa makapasok sila sa loob. Hindi ko na alam ang nangyari pagkatapos nun dahil di ko na sila nakita pa sa loob.


We're back here in the famous land of the rising sun! Ironically, we saw the sun's glowing rays only today. It's winter time ... and I look forward to experiencing -- touching, feeling, seeing, playing with -- snow. ;)

Nakakapanibago... maraming pagbabago...pero kakayanin natin ito. Tahimik, kami-kami lang, walang inaasahang iba, walang ibang kalaro... pero masaya pa rin.