Friday, May 12, 2006

Just a simple day for us

How do you celebrate a special day in your life? Party all night? Lots of guests to share your happiness with? Lots of gifts, too? Or, treat yourself to a grandeous world tour?

For us, on our wedding anniversary, we celebrated it frugally and in simple tunes. Well, no doubt that there really is so much to be joyful about as we face our 8th year of togetherness and oneness. But not celebrating it grandeously doesn't mean we're setting it aside. We are just simple people with simple wants in life and thus have also simple ways to be happy.

So, what happened on our special day? Nothing unusual. We just fed our rumbling tummy with some Jap dishes -- where else but in our fave hangout, Ario. Hubby, once again, had Omurice, but tried the curry demiglace this time, which according to him, was really good. I had a medium size of a looks-like-chicken-barbecue-but-doesn't-taste-like-chicken-barbecue dish. I won't recommend it anyway, so I didn't bother finding out the resto's name. Guess what Luke had? French fries from McDonalds. ;) After eating, we stroll around the three floors of the shopping mall just to while away our time. Afterwards, just before dark, we headed home after stopping by in the market to buy some fruits.

Simple, isn't it? No grand celebration, no candlelit dinner, no flowers nor expensive gifts, no whatsoever to call it a celebration. But I don't complain, coz I don't fancy any of these anyway. The day went by so simple, natural and ordinary. But, deep in my heart, I was so happy and contented because I spent that day with the two persons I love so dearly. And that's what matters to me most. ;)


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