Thursday, May 25, 2006

Still silent?

Almost two weeks had passed since I last posted something here. Hmmm, you might be wondering what I am up to lately that I somehow tend to forget blogging.

Honestly, my days are as usual as before, except for some hours of paid work (now that's something to blog about, but I'll tell you more about that in another entry). So, what's keeping me then? If can blog before, why can't I now? I am actually in search for a definite answer to this.

Is it because I have nothing to blog about? No. In fact, there are so many things I wanna share -- things that provide an update about us to those who wanna know how we are doing in this part of the world, and things that seem negligible and unimportant but somehow bring the much-needed laughter in our busy life or something to that effect.

Is it because of some technical problems or internet connection? Not either. I am still connected 24/7, and I still devote a huge amount of time in front of the computer, while taking care of my hyperactive little boy and at the same time trying to finish my rarely-done chores.

As I compose this, I am also trying to compose my answer. And this is my interim answer: I guess I have become a passive blogger, and a plain reader of other bloggers. Yeah, I guess that's what I am busy at -- updating myself about my blogger-friends. And I am kinda frustrated if they don't post new ones. Do they feel the same way too when they try to visit my blog and find nothing new at all? (I wonder...) Then, I randomly hop to some unknown blogsites, which I found some of them interesting and worth coming back. You see, bloghopping is not totally a waste of time because it gives me some ideas on how to improve mine content- and appearance-wise.

Yawn here and there ... I'll try to post a more interesting one next time. So, please hold on there and probably in your next visit here, you'll have a good laugh (at me!).


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