Thursday, October 26, 2006

5 sweet things to eat before you die

I am no foodie blogger, but I do love to eat, that's for sure. In fact, I have lots of favorites, and I am just as enticed as my good friend Pasion to make a v-e-r-y short list of foods that are truly worth trying. This is actually part of Melissa's project to create a list of "top picks for things you've eaten and think that everyone should eat at least once before they die." It started last August, and I'm doing mine only now...hope not too late!

So, since I am a sweet person (wink) and definitely have a sweet tooth, I am posting here five SWEET things which I recommend for you to try munching on while you can.

Here's my list.

  1. Haagen-dazs ice cream MACADAMIA NUT flavor -- I'm really crazy over this sweet thing, it doesn't matter if it's pricey here in Tokyo, and it doesn't matter too whatever the season is (I crave for it even during winter), I have it at least twice a week. I also don't care how much calories it contains, we only live once, and I make sure I get lots of this precious ice cream. Maybe, when I go back to Pinas, it will be cheaper there. nyahaha!

  2. Philippines' sweet banana -- back home, we have a constant supply of banana of almost all varieties, most of the time FREE. But here in Japan, we have to buy it. Banana is a constant sight on our dining table, it is as if the meal is not complete without it. You may want to add to this other sweet tropical fruits that my country boasts of: sweet pineapple, papaya, to name a few.

  3. Sweet spaghetti, Filipino style -- the one from Jollibee is already okay for me, but it's even yummier when home-cooked, especially so when UFC banana catsup is used for the sauce. If I get tired of the red sauce, though, I alternate on CARBONARA. I especially like its white creamy sauce with lots of flavorful bacon slices.

  4. The last two are my fave here in Japan -- they are considered sweet but only in moderation compared with other places.

  5. Tamago (egg) sushi -- I like sushi (and sashimi) a lot, and Japan's sweet tamago is best for my rumbling tummy.

  6. chocolate -- I particularly like Meiji's macadamia nut and almond chocolate. Really good while watching a horror movie. ;)
Try any or all of these, and I'm pretty sure you'll wear a sweet smile on your face.

Happy eating!

Tuesday, October 10, 2006

And the decision is...

After a sleepless night of thinking and re-thinking, we have finally made a decision. Yep, it's a GO! WE ARE GOING TO HOKKAIDO and KANSAI for our holiday galore.

The decision came a bit hard moneywise, coz you know, we had just recently bought a camera, and that already ate up much of our "savings." But, who cares, this is our ONLY chance to go see some of Japan's beautiful places, aside from Tokyo where we are right now.

Oh, I could not contain my excitement. Oops, I think I hear myself singing ....

I'm dreaming of a white Christmas.
Just like the one I long to have ...

Monday, October 09, 2006

To go or not to go...

It's hard to decide, especially so when it concerns much dough in exchange for a little pleasure of visiting a place entirely new to you, and experiencing the thing you have long longed for. Typical Filipino attitude.

To go or not to go. Yeah, that's where we are now. We have to make a choice, and we are only given one day (and that's only a few hours away at the time of this writing) to think it over and decide. And once we have made our choice, there's no turning back...and no refund!

The offer is extremely good and superbly enticing (redundances are for emphasis), almost saying YES right away. But on the second thought (and third, fourth...nth), my whole self is somehow split and want to both say yes and no.

Okay, I'll make it clearer to you. And, maybe you could help us decide (if it's not yet too late). We are offered to spend a week during the holidays in Hokkaido, and then in Kansai area. Heaven knows how I've been wanting to go and see these places. PLUS, the fact that I'm gonna FINALLY ride the shinkansen. Another PLUS, we have a friend who is willing to accommodate us in his house during our stay in Hokkaido -- and be our tour guide, too! Strolling and going to places would not be a problem at all in the company of our good friend.

Now, here lies the little problem. Money. Dough. Hard-earned bread. For typical Japanese, this would not be a hard decision at all, for they love traveling, AND they really spend for it. But ours is a different case. We love to go, that's for sure, but the expected expenses are way beyond our budget. I am already computing for my earnings from now till December, and won't be enough still. How I wish heaven will open its door for me to have more job opportunities so it can add up to my earnings till December. ;)

So, the decision .... I'd really, really want to go, but...

I'll let you know tomorrow!