Saturday, January 07, 2006

thanks 2005, hi 2006

what's there to thank 2005 for?
so many reasons, for me
big or otherwise, yet all are great
for these are blessings from above

happy life, despite difficulties
trials were never a hindrance
but a challenge to overcome
with good heaven's constant guidance

healthy life, even as we grow older each year
illnesses shun away from us, i always pray
shelter us with Thy comforting hands
keeping us safe all year through

good providence, from the Great Provider
not so much, not lacking either
just enough for us to sustain our daily needs
and save a few silver coins for tomorrow

great new friends, Pinoys and Japs alike
helping us out despite their busy scheds
praying for us, and going out of their way
to make our Jap life a little easier

above all, a new career -- MOTHERHOOD
this is lifetime, and it's just awesome
to realise that this happens at a perfect time
long wait is over, praises to the Almighty!

for this year and beyond, i hope and pray
that blessings may pour all the more
that those who have some may share
to those who have not tasted any.

from this year on, i hope and pray
for all people in this world to unite
no more fighting, no more ill motives
let's make earth a wondrous place for us all!


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