Thursday, November 16, 2006

A worried mom I am

Oh boy, I've never been worried like this before. Worried and nervous.

My son is sick. What seems to be like an ordinary cough-and-colds tandem isn't ordinary at all. He had this before but it normally lasted for 2-3 days, sometimes even without perfecting his medicines. This time is a little different. He has been sick since Sunday, and worse, has on-and-off fever, reaching as high as 39.9C. Everytime I take his temp, I couple it with my fervent prayer not to exceed 40, for if that happens, I would surely scream in panic and anxiety. Just like any other sick kid, he's cranky and hard to please. He wants me to hold him while he's asleep, and so I did -- every night. I wrap him with layers of fleece blanket to avoid chilling (I could feel his legs shaking) and let him perspire so the heat would come out and eventually reduce his fever. In the morning till mid-afternoon, he seems okay, then his temp would go up again at night.

Today, the doctor took a blood sample for some tests. The process itself was short, but seemed like another ordeal to my son. He cried and screamed. And he showed me his arm where the blood sample was taken.

As of this writing, we don't know the results yet. We're still waiting for the doc's fax and call. I hope nothing serious appears in the test. And I do hope and pray that he gets well soon, so that I won't worry anymore -- and get to sleep well, too.


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