Saturday, November 12, 2005

Murphy's Law

I've earlier (last week) drafted a post about this, but since I wasn't able to finish it (please don't ask me why) and it seems history to me already, I've decided to trash it out. But then, I guess it's meant to be posted here coz Murphy's Law was at work with (or against??) me again just this afternoon in my English class.

Murphy's Law is one thing I've learned from my management course which proves to be so true in many ways and in any situation. It says, "if anything can go wrong, it will."

As far as my English lessons and my budding ELT career here in Japan are concerned, this prepare-for-some-kinda-disaster law has attacked me for at least thrice since last week. First, at the interview where I was asked to give a 5-10minute demo lesson. Of course, I was prepared for that, but only to realize later that my pseudo-student is a beginner and the materials that I brought with me were for advanced ones. Calm and composed still, I had to come up with my unplanned Plan B, that is, kill the time by introducing myself and giving some jokingly explanation about my name. Then, I went on with some tongue twisters which the student found them all musukashi (difficult) yet interesting and enjoyable. And because of that, I got in.

Next test of Murphy's Law came in the following day. In my (actual) lesson, I was supposed to have my student listen to a CD -- but there was nothing on the CD, I mean, the file was there but nothing was heard while it was being played. In some kinda luck, the materials that I brought to the interview were still in my handy envelope, and we used that in my lesson instead. Ahh, Murphy's Law almost got me there.

Then, just this afternoon, in my lesson with the same student, Murphy's Law attacked again. I brought a new CD which can be normally played in a CD player. Guess what's the problem this time? The student did not bring his CD player. So what should we do then? Again, in a strike of good luck, some old materials were still in my magic envelope, and got their chance to be used again, unplanned. Hahaha, Murphy must be shaking his head.

Life indeed is full of surprises, and they normally happen at a time you least expect them to come your way. So, don't let Murphy surprise you. Instead, surprise him back, and be on alert always so that in the end, you'll have the last laugh. Ha, ha, ha!


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