Thursday, November 03, 2005

Oh, no! my pants won't zip! :)

Eii, let me rephrase that. Oh, no! I can't zip my pants!

I was preparing for my job interview just this afternoon. When I have already decided what to wear, I slowly put on my pants suit. To my amazement, the pants no longer fit me! Oh my! (with matching beaming eyes) So, I put out (again!) my handy baul and tried to find a new pair. And here's another oh my! No pants would fit me na! "What shall I do now?" I asked myself in a panicky voice. I don't want to wear skirt (if ever they'd fit me too) coz it's cold outside, and only a thin stockings would cover my legs. Since time was ticking so fast, I finally decided to wear skirt, revealing my bulging tummy, but fortunately covered with my coat. Hay ...

I never thought that I would grow this big. I mean, to the point that I could no longer wear my precious suits (where, for the record, I invested much much on these). My usual weight (should i say the exact figure?) returned a few months after giving birth. Well, that's what I thought. Not until this PM. Sayang naman ang mga damit ko. :(

Despite this, I am still very much happy kase my hubby still thinks I am as sexy as before. Yah, he just said that this morning! LOL :))


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