Monday, January 08, 2007

A glimpse of me in Hokkaido

Yeah, that's me in red hood and red jacket, happily waving my hands to catch some snow falling in front of me! (or for foto-ops)

And what is that place, you may ask? Well, that's the wonderful place where we take a good sooooooothing bath every night. They call it onsen in Japanese, or hot spring. It was my first to go to an onsen after an almost three years of stay in Japan.

Oh, did I say I was going to post my pictures inside the onsen? Ha,ha! You must be dreaming! ;) As an excuse, I couldn't get a nice shot because the steam from the 41-degree water was blocking the digicam from having a clear view of the site. ;)

They say that onsen has a therapeutic effect, and I find this very true. My back ache was gone (at least while we were there), and sleeping after a one-hour bath is nearly irristible.

Now that we are back in Tokyo, I oh-so long to have a hot bath. :-/



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