Friday, December 08, 2006


There's no point thinking
About the things that should have been in place
About the situations that should have happened
About your life that should have been...what?

There's no point living in a dream
For it will only break your heart
Each time you come back to your own self
To your real world full of wishes.

There's no point wishing
Because it will never come true
You wish and then you wait, and wait
But frustration is only what you get in the end.

There's no point arguing
That some things can be changed
Because they have grown so much roots
So deep and strong that no one or nothing could displace
Not even your faith, perhaps.

There's no point writing this piece
And going all the way to completing it
Because this is just pure nonsense
Gibberish, if I may call it.

And there's no point asking me
Why on earth have I thought of posting it here
Because there's no point answering such queries
For I might just utter out-of-this-world things.

Ahh, what a pointless piece of crap!
Sorry for your time
Hope you come back again
I promise to give you something worth your click! ;)


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