Sunday, December 10, 2006

Blaming the typhoon

Was it really because of "Seniang" (International Name: Utor) that President Arroyo cancelled the twin summits in Cebu at the last minute? Or were there other reasons -- valid and realistic reasons?

Just can't help to side with the speculations that our dear madame president was actually SCARED -- not of the typhoon -- but of the rumored terrorist attacks as well as the street protests, which are believed to be more prepared than the summit itself.

I heard that even the venue -- a supposedly landmark facility in Cebu -- was still in its finishing touches up to the time of the postponed summit. So, just imagine that foreign and local delegations alike swarming the Cebu International Convention Center while workers are equally busy decorating and painting the walls? ONLY IN THE PHILIPPINES!

The typhoon has passed and did not even leave any single damage in the central Cebu region. (It's not that I want damages, though.) What now?

So what Mrs. Arroyo gets is another heavy dose of criticisms for having a weak government, at the height of her efforts at rebuilding or patching up her ill-reputed administration.

Maybe next time, when big events such as these summits are planned, Mrs. Arroyo should work closely with the meteorogical agency to keep herself updated on where and when an upcoming typhoon will likely hit hard. :-/


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