Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Remembering my ex-profs

Sometimes, I remember how my life was back home. Particularly, how was my grad-student life in UP Los Banos like when I was still taking up Research and Development Management. I remember my professors who were both my mentors and tormentors as I hurdled to finish my graduate studies. (Oh, not to mention squeezing my studies into my already super-duper busy work schedule.)

I had one professor who fondly calls me "lola" (grandma in Tagalog), simply because after tracing our family history, we learned that he is my not-so-distant grandson. Imagine that!

I also had one prof -- and adviser too -- and we both worked in the same office, traveled to research institutes to conduct trainings and workshops. He was famous for his unparalleled humor, both in class and in workshops. It was from him that I have come to master a very important project planning approach. Sad to say, he'd gone ahead of us but those who love him will surely remember his jokes that made us smile in a rather boring day.

My other profs are equally worth remembering, for their own unique wits and ways of terrorism. ;) Ah, I can still vividly remember my accounting professor. Oh, boy, did I say accounting??? You see, I am not really good at numbers, and I have long admitted that. Accounting thus became my waterloo, but with my prof's diligence(read: terror ways) of teaching us how to make and interpret a balance sheet, I've eventually come to love the subject.

What more, I've learned recently (via Filipina Soul) that this same prof is a genius! He was in the news recently for developing a budget PC. Yes, a $100-worth computer set with size of a folder, as thin as a pocketbook and weighs as light as a ream of bondpaper. Well, he admitted that he is not competing with the computer giants, but his PC will cater to those who can not afford the expensive ones, and whose need for computer softwares are minimal. Let's say, his PC can be used by starters or for educating schoolchildren on the computer world. Now, this is something to be truly proud of. And, what I am more proud of is that he is my ex-prof. ;)

Hate to admit it but I am 3-unit short of my graduate requirements. In the middle of my final semester, I've decided to quit -- in the name of love. ;)


  • At 11/21/2006 09:53:00 PM, Anonymous Kathleen said…

    Ano kamo Gina in the name of love pag quit mo sa grad studies??? Talaga di ko alam yun ah??? Pero kaduda duda. Aminin mo na katamaran lang yun.hehheheh...

  • At 11/23/2006 09:32:00 PM, Blogger ning said…

    hi kath,

    hehehe... let's say 10% katamaran and 90% in the name of love... ;)

    thanks for dropping by. this time tumama ka na ... ;)


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