Monday, April 03, 2006

Where's Dadi?

Last night was our first of ten nights without hubby by our side. He flew to UK for a conference. He may have arrived there by this time, after a 12-hour plane ride. We're still waiting for his call. ;)

It's not our first time to be alone, though. Hubby had a few out-of-towns before, but those were only short. But this one is a bit longer, and we miss him already. ;)

I wonder what's it like to be on the plane for half a day? It must be boring just sitting in there (occasionally standing to pee probably). Philippine-Japan plane ride is just about 4 hours, and it already is a very long journey for me. What more for the 12-hour Japan-UK ride? Ahh, I'll just wait for hubby's stories. ;)

In the meantime, Luke and I went out yesterday but it was rather a gloomy day do we didn't enjoy much. In trying to explore this place, we took a a different route, and I'm glad we didn't get lost. ;) Today, we'll probably go out for some strolling (again) and hope to explore new places/shops.


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