Thursday, April 06, 2006

Separation anxiety

I have read for so many times about separation anxiety. I thought it was easy to handle. Coz everytime I leave my son to Dadi, he would just cry for a moment and then indulge in playing.

Last Tuesday was a different scenario. I left my son to a friend so I can go to Hello Work. I was away only for about an hour. My friend says that Luke cried for about 80% of the time I was away. She could not pacify him, no matter what she and her son did to stop him from crying. And he was crying hard, mimicking "mama, mama." The moment he saw me when I came back, he beckoned for my embrace. His face was red, eyes weary, and was sobbing, a clear indication that he really cried so hard. His embrace was so tight as if saying NEVER let me go away again. From then on, he didn't want to let go of me. He was so afraid that I might leave him again. I could not even get him to sit in the stroller anymore.

He was so tired when we arrived home, and went to sleep right away. At 3am the next morning, he woke up crying. I thought he was just hungry, but then I realised he had colds and caugh. He didn't want to eat nor drink his milk. What more for the meds?

Could it be that his sickness was triggered by his separation anxiety (aside from getting tired from roaming around the whole day)? I know it was a bit traumatic for him, and it will take some time to forget it.

That was just one hour, and it already caused him so much distress. What more if I start working, and be away the whole day? What more if he starts schooling? Will he survive the first few days of adjustment? I know he will. He is a strong boy, and he'll overcome this undesirable experience in due time. If other kids can, why can't he?

To those moms having similar problems on their kid's separation anxiety, check out a few suggestions from Baby Center. I, myself, will try to do some of those which will hopefully work for my toddler.


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