Friday, April 21, 2006

It's Dadi's b-day today!

Happy birthday, Dadi! Well, you're not getting any younger. ;) But the good side of adding one year to your age is that you're getting wiser each time. ;) Count your grey hairs, and you'll know how much wisdom you've got. ;)

Why is it that as we grow older, celebrating birthdays is no longer a thing to look forward to? I mean, no more grand celebrations, no more parties, no more crowded guests, no more big and alluring gifts. Hmm, I wonder what it would be like come my birthday next month? ;)

Dadi's spending his big day just like any normal days we have. He's not going to the lab today, and he's not working from home either. He just said that we'll spend the day at our favorite hangout, and have a sumptuous lunch together. Well, as normal as it seems, the most important thing is that we are happy on this day, together, thanking our Creator for giving him another year of blissful life.

P.S. Hey, click here for pictures and find out how Dadi's bday went.


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