Sunday, March 12, 2006

Wazz up?

Hi there! Did you miss me? Rather my posts? Sorry for being silent for a week. Got busy with so many things, aside of course from my usual job of taking care of my little boy, who is now sooooooooo kulit and likot. Anyway, here are a few things I wanna share with you.

Bazaar mania

Last Saturday, I went to a bazaar in Bunkyu-ku, and mind you, I looked like a "tindera sa palengke" when I got out, with a couple of bulging chintzy plastic bags on both hands. I planned to buy only small toys for my little boy, but, as it turned out, I bought not only toys, but some kitchen gadgets/accessories that I plan to collect as souvenirs (weird??).

Unlike me, who is still an amateur in this department, my friends who were pretty ready for this event brought along a really huge classy bag it could contain thrice what I had bought. Others, we saw in the area, brought a traveling bag as if going somewhere or just came out of the airport. Hmm, that gave me a good idea next time I go bazaar shopping, huh. ;)

Job hunting continues

Just a few minutes ago, I emailed my application to a prospective employer, and I already received a reply. Whew! That was fast huh! I hope to have good results too!

So, my job hunting has intensified, eh. More emails, more interviews, hope to have more choices too!

Snow tomorrow?

Weather forecast today says that it will snow in most parts of Japan. I thought it will never snow again, after that one-day snow delight we had before. Oh, can't wait for tomorrow!

On the rough side of it, I have an appointment tomorrow so I have to go out and oddly fight the cold weather with sniffing nostrils. Oops, no slipping, eh!

Ey, why don't I take a peek at the window to see if there are already white balls falling from the sky. I'll get back to you then ...


  • At 3/14/2006 03:20:00 PM, Anonymous rayts said…

    mam gina! nagbu-bloom na ba ang mga sakura dyan?! kung may isang magandang rason man ako para pumunta sa ay ang makakita ng sakura, at umupo sa ilalim ng puno nito. May flower festival dyan di ba pag April? sakura watching ba yun? :)

  • At 3/14/2006 11:58:00 PM, Blogger ning said…

    rayts, cherry blossoms ang tawag nila dun, at pwedeng-pwede kang tumambay sa ilalim ng punong gusto mo buong araw, libre pa. kaya halika ka na dito, bilis!. ;) kahit ngayon pa lang, meron ng mga magagandang cherry blossoms, although sa april ang peak nito.


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