Friday, March 31, 2006

So, here it is!

Yep, my new blog is up! And many of my friends have already visited it even before I could announce it to the world. Well, glad to know that ...

I know I've said before that I'm gonna have the new blog in a new home. I tried to search for other blog hosts, and tried this one, thinking that it could help me materialize what I have in mind. Sad to say, I couldn't figure out some things that I wanted to do. Oh, well, too late to find out that it's not user-friendly for a blog newbie like me.

So, back to my the old house. Blogger may not have all the features I wanted, but still, it is friendliest host I've ever known. Wow! Blogger should reward me for this! hehehe In the meantime, side by side with my Jap learning, I'll try to figure out some things that I'd like to include in my blog.

Now, you have three sites to visit everyday. ;)


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