Wednesday, March 22, 2006

New blog?

Hmm, I am contemplating on opening up a new blog account which will feature mostly about Japan -- the place where we are now -- based on my personal experiences, with an added general info and helpful links on the topic/subject at hand. Who knows, one might begin to get interested in this place they call the land of the rising sun; or be moved to push through with his/her initial plans of coming over and have a taste of a delightful life here. Well, that's really my purpose -- to see Japan as a peaceful, unique and lovable place to stay (temporarily) or live in (for life) ... as I experience it myself.

You might be thinking that I love Japan more than my own country. On the contrary, no big, greener, modern, techie place will ever replace my country I call HOME. No matter where I go, I shall always go back to where my heart (and roots) is. (super drama!)

So, what's keeping me from getting started? Ahh, I'm actually more than excited to have my first post BUT I'm still in the process of locating where to host my blog. Oops, sorry for Blogger! I need a fresh template where I can work on, and have features (that B doesn't offer at the moment) that I'd like to include in my page. Besides, I already have three B accounts (though one is inactive).

So, watch out for the red-carpet opening of the JAPAN: A TASTE OF LIFE! ;)


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