Friday, March 03, 2006

Me, forgetful???

Oh my, oh my! Here I am again making fun of my already funny mistakes...

I think it's my "signature" to have some bloopers in any big event in my life. On my wedding day, for instance, I had lots of 'em. My favorite story is when I almost forgot to wear my wedding shoes, wearing my house slippers instead ;) I got sidetracked with the pictorials (before leaving the house) that I was already in the car when I realised that, hey, I was still wearing my slippers!

That was almost 8 years ago. Fast forward to my son's first birthday party. During the Saturday party, I forgot to serve our guests with my proudly home-made gelatin which I especially prepared for our Jap friends. Hubby reminded me about this shortly after the last batch of guests left our house. *sigh*

Before this, I also forgot to offer drinks to our guests. Imagine just eating solids without the padulas. Hay... why do I keep on forgetting some things? I was busy thinking of ways how to finish all the foods in the table.

At the Sunday party, I made sure to serve the gelatin. All foods were almost finished. I was calmly smiling when suddenly I remembered that I forgot to do two things: to have our guests sign in our guestposter, and give Luke's thank-you gift to his kid-guests. *sigh* *sigh*

Is this a sign of *** ***?


  • At 3/03/2006 02:57:00 PM, Anonymous lea said…

    hi sis.. i can identify with you. i have3 kids kids pa. kaya minsan i have to attend to the details and needs of each one.. lalo na sa school.. and all their bilins.. hehe.. nakaktawa minsan si mj nagremind sa kin.. anyway.. you are getting wiser and a bit more forgetful.. anyway ganyan ata moms.. eh... lea

  • At 3/07/2006 06:38:00 PM, Blogger TM tots said…

    it doesn't hurt to admit we are getting older. ur lucky coz ur not so forgetful unlike me i don't know... sometimes i see it as a blessing and sometimes a weakness i should deal with.

    i can't do anything about it. except try to write. sometimes writing reminders on the fridge helps.

  • At 3/08/2006 04:49:00 PM, Blogger ning said…

    lea, yeah i guess i like the idea of getting wiser ...;)

    tm, yup keeping a reminder helps a lot. i also do that, esp. for doing groceries. sadly though, i forgot to remind myself to write about the things i should have done/served during the party. tsk, tsk...

  • At 3/08/2006 06:49:00 PM, Anonymous rayts said…

    napapangite ako mag-isa habang binabasa ko entry mo. hehe...very Mam Gina ito! pero ako din, sobrang makakalimutan...siguro kase masyaado tayong pre-occupied sa maraming bagay. hirap talaga. pero yung slippers...tindi nun ha!

  • At 3/10/2006 04:37:00 PM, Blogger Lirian Mina said…

    otsukaresama deshita!!

    although you got tired, I guess you were very happy!!

    the happening on your wedding day is very funny!! could you imagine if you had just noticed when arriving in the church????

  • At 3/13/2006 12:39:00 AM, Blogger ning said…

    rayts, tama ka pre-occupied nga ako ng maraming bagay. hirap ng daming iniisip noh! tindi talaga! hay...

    mina, yup very happy indeed.

    as to the slippers, I was still lucky to have remembered it when we were still near my house, and not near the church, or else, the priest and the groom would have gone crazy waiting (with doubts) for the bride. hahaha! ;)


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