Thursday, March 23, 2006

Happy me! ;)

Just wanna say, "Hey, my sitemeter strikes at 1,111!" Wow! it's too big to believe. It's even too great to be real. But, it's real, so I have to believe! ;)

THANKS to all of you -- to my regular visitors who patiently wait for a new post each day; to my friends who visit here once in a while, whenever their time permits it; and to some unknown readers who have come across this page either by mistakenly clicking the mouse or thru bloghopping.

MORE THANKS to those who are generous to leave a commment or two, or even a tag. Ya know, I always feel excited to have new posts. But, what makes me more excited is to see what my friends/readers/visitors have to say about my posts. I always feel delighted to read those ideas in response to what I have posted.

To those who are still hesitant, I urge you to take away your shyness...speak up, and let me know if my posts have ever made you happy, angry, doubtful, sad, irritated, or whatever. It matters to me ... coz this blog is both for me and you, my dear readers. ;)

Here's hoping to hear from you soon...


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