Monday, February 06, 2006

My kid's party idea

Guess it's hard to believe it's been a year! Well, almost. A few more days to count, and he's officially ONE YEAR OLD.

I'm talking about my firstborn, and so much has changed. Really. His enthralling and mystifying infant look at day one is now transformed into one who is so full of personality. Along with his fast development is his growing independence as he learns to crawl, sit, walk and stand (holding on to something) ... and talk. His babbling is now -- somehow -- making sense (or should I say, we, his parents, are the ones making sense). He also has learned to show emotions such as getting mad when you take something he likes. His all-time favorite is to cling onto my pajama and waggle, cry, beg till I pick him up. He wants to be where I am and do what I am doing. If I'm doing something on the computer, he'll take the keyboard and mouse. If I'm washing the dishes, he wants me to hold him with my one hand while I do the dishes with the other. Same goes when I'm cooking. He'd even attempt to turn on/off the stove ... and oh, pull the plug! Not to mention the mess in all parts of the house as he bangs, throws, clutters everything his tiny-yet-mighty hands could reach.

So, what's gonna be like on his first birthday bash? Well, I actually haven't figured out the details yet. Vaguely, I have pictured it in my mind that we're gonna have some fun and enjoyment with some friends as we nibble on some simple Pinoy dishes. And it'll be here in our super tiny house, which I hope to accommodate less than 20 guests (that's including kids, huh!).

Hey, wait! It just dawned on me that if I'm really throwing a party for my baby, then I should be moving fast ... really act fast. So, I'm off for now, coz I have to start doing the invitations.


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