Sunday, February 26, 2006

I am Luke's mom

On this day a year ago, at 9:26 in the morning (Philippine time), I gave birth to a 3240-gram cute little boy after an about 8 hours of labor. The very moment I saw him with my own eyes, when the doctor flopped him on top of my tummy, I know that my life has changed. I'm glad my life has changed. I'm thankful my life has changed.

From that moment, I became a mother -- a dignified and perpetual role I have always been dreaming of. With Luke, that dream was realised. My journey to motherhood was almost cut short before, but with the magical hands of our Creator, everything went on smoothly after a worrisome threat to my pregnancy. My unending gratitude to the Almighty who made all things possible, even to the most impossible in man's eyes.

There is a little glitch to my motherhood though. As with other first times in life, I was not sure if I could, or would, be a good mother to him. I hope I am. I try to be a good mom. I believe that God will not give me this role if I can't be a good mom. You see, things don't come so easy and fast, and I have to learn some of these the not-so-easy way. Each day is a challenge to take and win over. Sometimes, I win, at other times, I get tired. In between these times, my patience bag gets drained, but right away refilled when my son clings on to me for love and embrace. Oh, the joys and pains of being a mother. I will not trade this for anything. It's an enchanting experience not all woman in this world will have.

I know there will be more surprises as my active toddler continues to explore life. One thing is sure. Our mom and son tandem is and will always be a celebration of God's miraculous work in my life. I am proud to have my firstborn. And I am proud that I am his mom.


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