Friday, February 24, 2006


Only two nights to go, and it's my son's birthday. But the Big Day starts tomorrow, and will end on Sunday. And it's only I, me and myself to do all the preparations. Whew!!! I never imagined this would be a tough job eh.

I slept at 4am this morning, and woke up 8am. I could be thankful if I had that precious 4 hours straight. But, it wasn't, unlucky me (sigh). I had a shallow sleep, I would say, for I had to check on Luke from time to time (he scratches his face everytime he moves).

So, here I am, half-awake, yawning every now and then, moving lazily, blogging on the side while taking care of my little boy. And it's so cold today huh! A very inviting atmosphere to curl up on the fleece blanket, and dream of the big party. ;)

So many things to do with so little time. Oh, how I wish this day would be longer by 24 hours so I'd be able to finish everything, and get a good sleep.

Till then! Dozing off ...


  • At 2/24/2006 11:00:00 AM, Anonymous lea said…

    hi sis gising na.. am sleepy today also.. lagi puyat.. daming inaasikaso eh.. 3 kids ..anyway enjoy naman.. while they are young they have a new pet rabbit....lea


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