Monday, February 20, 2006

B-day wish for my son

Luke's turning ONE this coming Sunday. As he ventures towards his toddlerhood, many things will definitely change. He'll leave baby-like things behind as he starts to show and imbibe qualities of a learning-to-be-independent little boy. He'll be wearing new and different behavioral clothings, which will largely influence how good man he will be like in the future.

One of the many things I hope he'll wear off as he starts his toddler journey is his itchy-bitsy rashes. He was only about 3 months old when these unsightly tiny creatures popped up on his face, and got worse (spread to his whole body) when we arrived in Tokyo. These tiny red bums keep on coming back and continuously irritating him, for reasons uncertain till now. Maybe he's allergic to some foods, maybe to house mites and dust. Maybe the general environment here. For fear that his rashes might get worse, we tried to avoid giving him those widely-known allergens. Sad to say, these allergens are those rich in much needed nutrients for his proper and fast growth. And since he is limited to what he can eat, aside from the fact that he is so picky with foods that he eats, he hasn't gained much weight since we came back here last month. No need to worry at this time, says his pedia, coz he's still within the normal weight range. Just the other night, I was scanning through his earlier pics, and I noticed that he changed a lot, physically. He got taller but a bit slimmer now. His double chin is nowhere to be found now. And, sad to say, his rashes grew bigger too, appearing in almost all large parts of his body (sigh).

That's my birthday wish for my firstborn -- to permanently get rid of those itchy, irritatingly cumbersome rashes on his face and body.


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