Friday, December 02, 2005

We're here!

Yes! We are now in our birthland – our dearly beloved Pinas.

We arrived in NAIA at the peak of an excruciating summer-like heat amidst a supposedly-cold Christmas season. The weather is just the extreme opposite in the land where we just came from. Early morning that day, we left Tokyo armed with layers of clothes and jackets, only to be carried around our arms or pulled along with our luggage. In fact, my son, who was wearing rather thick wool Pooh-inspired overall, could not wait till we get to the van, and aptly signaled us to change his clothes while queuing at the baggage claim counter. I, too, quickly removed my inner jacket in front of many people – an action rather unethical in Tokyo. Who cares? We are not in Tokyo, anyway! Besides, it’s so mainit noh!

Briefly... our plane travel this time is more relaxed and easier than when we flew to Tokyo last June. My son slept most of the time, and getting him to sleep was also surprisingly easy. There were intermittent turbulence along the way, but the pilot assured us that he can handle it very well, and that he told us that we are flying on a sophisticated airbus 303 plane. True enough, we landed very smoothly at the airport – and on time! Queuing was faster and few too. Hmm, I’m just glad to know that this queuing-for-life has gone better.

But what hasn’t changed a bit is the all-way-all-year-round traffic. It took us I think more than an hour to get to the expressway. Add to this the sari-saring usok that welcomed us on the road. There’s also the beggars hardly knocking the van’s window for you to notice them. Hay … I am really in Pinas!

Enough of that unwanted side of coming home. Our tummy grew hungry so off to our favorite Jollibee. As expected, we had the sweet-tasting spaghetti and cola-taste-like iced tea. Before going home, we passed by SM to buy some goodies and Luke’s stuff.

Our firsts

First time did my son get sick – and on our first night. Consequently, we didn’t have a good sleep. He was feverish and has a bad cold and cough. He already has a slight cough back in Japan, and it gets worse here probably due to the sudden change of weather/temperature from very cold to very hot. Imagine, my son hasn’t taken a bath since we arrived.

First food at home was tinolang manok. Oh, I love the sabaw with lots of green papaya slices. In Japan, we can’t afford to buy papaya for our tinola coz it is really expensive.

First time to watch telenovelas after so many months. I especially love to watch Encantadia but sad to know that it is about to end. I wanted to know how and why Perena transformed from the main antagonist to now a kind-hearted sangre longing for her daughter’s love.

Ok, that's all for now ... time for other things. :)


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