Tuesday, November 15, 2005


So, what about today? Nothing special, really. Just a bunch of this and that -- things that don't even probably matter to most of you.

Early this morning, this part of the world had another shake, which is very usual. As to what intensity and where the epicenter was, I don't know. I didn't have time to know. Or, maybe, I just get used to this shake so I didn't bother knowing it. Besides, it was just weak and short (I think) compared to what is about to come -- a prediction that anytime, the major one will occur in Kanto area where Tokyo is located.

Today is a momentous event in the life of Japan's Princess Sayako as she laid off her royal veil, and follows her heart and vowed to a lifelong commitment to a 'commoner' (an esteemed businessman). Seldom we see a case like this, I think only in fables. To our dear princess, Gambatte!

I also heard that US President Bush arrived in Kyoto today, although there's not much news about this. It's either that there's not much interesting to report about this visit or there's what they call news block (or black out?). Oh, never mind. I am not that interested anyway.

How about in my home country? Ahh, another never-mind attitude. I bet nothing is new. Ooopps, wait. Today is BONUS day -- at least for those patiently and painstakingly serving the government. I also bet most karaoke bars are jampacked to this time.

This morning (almost 12nn already) was also one of those frequent visits to Luke's pedia. The consultation itself was quick, but we had to hurdle the very cold air. I had to wrap my son with layers of fleece blanket to his comfort. My hands were getting numb, so I had no choice but to buy gloves. If not for the meds, I would not have decided to go out of the house. I do hope the weather will get better in the next few days.

We arrived home just before dark. I fed my son, put him to sleep, and started chatting with a few friends. Hubby came a few hours later, had dinner, fixed the table and kitchen mess. I did some of the laundry (will do the rest tomorrow, hopefully). Milk time for my son at around past ten, and a few minutes after he burped, I danced him to sleep. Now, he is lying on my lap while I endure typing this post with only one hand. Only then I realized that the TODAY I am talking about here is already YESTERDAY. Coz it's already 5 minutes past 1AM here.

Yes, today may not matter to most of you, but it does to me a lot. Nothing special has happened. But the fact that I am still alive, still breathing and fighting the autumn chill, this day means a lot to me. And I owe it to my Maker. And I do hope to see another tomorrow.

Here's to more todays and tomorrows.



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