Tuesday, November 22, 2005

Newfound friends

I am just glad that things are slowly lighting up on us -- I mean, in terms of gaining friends around the vicinity. Remember my post about how nurses care for young children? Well, one time, Seki-san (the first nurse who came to our house) took us to the Nishi-Kameari Jidoukan (Children's Center), along with some new friends. The center itself poses a warm welcome for kids and there are lots of toys to play with. We arrived there just a few minutes before the exercises-cum-dancing-and-singing began. My son, though he is still very young to join the toddlers, enjoyed it as well. Just seeing other kids play and laugh makes my son smile, and enjoy every laughing moment with them. Just too bad that I am not "girlscout" enough to bring my camera.

Now, I'd like to talk about my newfound friends who live just a few blocks away from our apartment. Aside from Seki-san, who is a mother of 2, I met Noby (mom of 2, Pinay married to a Jap), and Yuki-san and her only daughter Erika-san.

Noby is somehow just like me when I first arrived here. She's hesitant to go out, partly because she knows only a little of Nihonggo, and partly also because it's difficult for her to tend 2 children outside of home -- always abonai (dangerous).

Yuki-san, I am surprised, knows a little Tagalog. From whom or where did she learn Tag? That, I have yet to find out. The mom and daughter are both friendly and easy to get along with. Erika-san had fun moving Luke's stroller while on our way to the children's center. Just this evening, Yuki-san came by to give me her contact numbers, just in case I need some help. And, I needed help, so I asked her to interpret a kind of mail for me. She did not only interpret it, she wrote the answers herself and volunteered to mail that piece of paper to the post office on her way home.

On the train this evening, on our way home, I also met a new friend. She offered me her seat coz she saw me standing carrying a heaveyweight baby in front and a backpack (at the back of course). She happens to live in Ayase, just one station away, and I'm just glad to know that. She gave me her contact number and she wants me to give her a call one time.

Another friend, though we haven't seen each other yet in person, was introduced to us by another friend (hubby's labmate). She lives a little far from here -- just like our other friends -- but she's willing to meet up with us sometime. She also offered help especially when it concerns our babies (she also has a son).

Hmmm... the number is increasing. Life now is not as hard and confusing as before. Having friends counts a lot in making things easier for us. :)



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