Wednesday, November 09, 2005

Joseph the Dreamer

I was reading a storybook to my son about Joseph the dreamer yesterday afternoon. And, as always, a few teardrops gently flew down my cheeks when it came to that part where Joseph revealed himself to his brothers saying he had already forgiven them, and embracing each other.

Ahh, I could still picture that very tearful scene when I first saw a stage play about his life back in my college days at UPLB. Another scene that touched me most was when Joseph finally reunited with his father Jacob. I could not recall the exact lines, but the performance was so great and rendered so much heart-melting emotions that struck me even in my deepest veins. I remember watching the play several times (well, I volunteered as an usherette then so I got to watch it several times, for free), and after each time, my hanky became soiled from wiping off the tears from my eyes and cheeks ... and some **** from my nostrils :)

Joseph's life tells us that trusting Him who knows what's best for us, is the only and best way we can do as we go through our struggles in life and see light in a rather dark environment. Joseph had been through a lot of hardships -- being sold by his own brothers, getting seduced by potiphar's wife, and ending up in prison for many years for a crime he did not do. Despite these, he did not lose hope but all the more trusted the Lord for His leading. Soon enough, the Lord led him to the right path where his gift of interpreting dreams could be of utmost use, and eventually became ruler of Egypt.

If only we could live our lives the way Joseph did, then peace and love will abound in this place called Earth.


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